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advantages of the tilda

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All services:
Website development and design on Tilda, Creatium, Shopify platforms
Web sites
Presentations, checklists, email. books, invitations, logos (pdf, epub, fb2)
Mobile apps
Development and design of mobile applications on the Adalo, Glide platforms
Audits, website promotion, setting up contextual advertising
SEO promotion
Consultations on web design, development, and SEO promotion
development price is lower
The price of websites built on website builders is much lower than handwritten websites. Also, today, in order to get a full-fledged website, you do not need to involve an entire team of developers: designers, layout designers, programmers, etc. It is enough to contact a web designer who works on constructors, with coding skills, and he will create for you an excellent, a selling website that will bring you new sales and customers.
development speed
The development time for websites using website builders is also much shorter than for handwritten websites.

For example, it is quite possible to launch a one-page website (landing page) with an individual design in 2−3 days, provided that the content is completely ready and quick approvals are given.
simple interactions
One of the most important advantages of constructors is the ease of your further interaction with them after the transfer. At the end of the project, you receive PDF instructions with step-by-step guidance on how to make changes to the site yourself: change text, photos, add/remove products, display their presence/absence, etc.

In simple words, after developing a site, you will not need to contact a designer, layout designer, or programmer again and again every time you need to add or remove something from the site.
Tilda has a built-in adaptability on standard blocks, as well as the possibility of detailed customization of blocks in a unique design on zero-blocks. This significantly speeds up the process of creating a website and, in a sense, simplifies the work on fully customizing pages.

To create a complete adaptive page, a layout designer needs to layout the main page for the computer version, and then create 4 adaptive ones: a horizontal and vertical version of a tablet, a horizontal and vertical version of a mobile one. There are 5 pages in total.

With tilde, standard blocks already have built-in automatic adaptation to devices. And when creating a unique design in zero blocks, you create the main adaptation for the PC, after which you make adjustments in all other versions, which significantly speeds up the creation process.
There are a lot of comments about Tilda that supposedly sites on the builder are easily recognizable and of the same type. This is certainly true if you use Tilda’s built-in templates and standard blocks, just by inserting your text and photos into them.

BUT. With certain skills and the ability to work with Tilda, its functionality extends much wider and you already have a completely unique website in design, using the same zero-blocks and modifying the code.

On the Sheina studio website. And you can see a large number of non-standard blocks and code modifications using HTML / CSS / JS.

If necessary, we can develop with you unique non-Tilda product cards, a unique menu and anything else we wish, not limited to the standard Tilda blocks.

Did you know that if you know how to handle Tilda, it allows you to create a full-fledged analogue of Avito, with absolutely the same functionality: registration, personal user account, posting ads, paying for ads and turning them off when the payment period has expired.
support 24/7
Another very important advantage of Tilda is its round-the-clock technical support. support. If you encounter any difficulties related to setting up the site, you can write to them. Separately, I would like to note that the speed of response and efficiency is impressive. They really respond quickly and help you solve your problem.
Tilda has another very significant bonus in its arsenal — its own and quite convenient CRM system.
It is also possible to integrate third-party CRMs, such as:
  • AMOcrm,
  • HubSpot,
  • Bitrix24,
  • MegaPlan,
  • Pipedrive,
  • HubSpot,
  • ZohoCRM,
  • Salesforce,
  • Monday
flexible integrations
In addition to the above advantages, Tilda has the ability to integrate third-party services: mailing services (SendGrid; MailChimp; UniSender;), feedback services (Jivosite; Callbackhunter; SlideShare; Disqus; TimePad, etc.), it is also possible to integrate delivery services (boxberry, SDEK, etc.), in addition to this, you can connect chatbots, buttons for an active manager or direct communication to messengers, and of course webhooks and complex data transfer settings to the site
Mailings are one of the options for attracting customers to the site, thereby creating an increase in traffic. The higher the site traffic, the higher its priority for search engines.

Based on Tilda templates, you can layout letters, connect a mailing service, and send them directly from the designer.
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