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* The company Meta Platforms Inc., which owns the social networks Facebook and Instagram, was recognized as an extremist organization by a court decision dated March 21, 2022, and its activities in Russia are prohibited.


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All services:
Website development and design on Tilda, Creatium, Shopify platforms
Presentations, checklists, email. books, invitations, logos (pdf, epub, fb2)
Mobile apps
Development and design of mobile applications on the Adalo, Glide platforms
Audits, website promotion, setting up contextual advertising
SEO promotion
Consultations on web design, development, and SEO promotion
site acceptance
There are now a huge number of specialists on the market, but their quality of service does not always correspond to what is stated. Here we will tell you the main points that you need to check when accepting a site, this will save you from further consequences, such as fines due to the lack of legal entities. necessary information on the website.
Check all the buttons and social icons very carefully. networks that are on your site. Do they all click and make transitions to the right place, which is indicated on the button.
site adaptation
The most common mistake is adaptations that fail on various devices. For example, in the computer version everything may be perfect, but in the mobile version there may be missing blocks, or in the mobile version everything will be perfect, but when you turn the screen vertically, something will move away. These are very important points, because… Visitors can view your site from completely different devices.

Also, adaptation if configured incorrectly can lead to problems such that when you scroll, the screen will move left/right and there will be a huge empty space on the right, as in the example below (we discovered this site by accident when it was sent as an example in the technical specifications):

On the computer we see that everything is fine with adaptation:
Having switched to the mobile version, it would seem that everything is fine, too, but when the user starts scrolling down the page with his finger, his screen will accidentally go away, because… there is a huge empty space on the right:
Legal information
A website is not just about collecting content from ready-made blocks and publishing it. The legislation also has requirements for your websites that must be taken into account in order to avoid further fines during inspection. Since almost any site requires the user to submit an application, i.e., he enters his personal data, you must have all the necessary documents confirming his consent to their processing, such as a privacy policy, user agreement, and a notice about cookies. Also, if you accept online payments on the site, you need an offer that will spell out all your rules for processing payments, returns, etc.

Typically, links to these documents are indicated in the footer (the very bottom) of the site; users usually do not pay attention to them, but they must be on the site.
image blocking
If you use AdBlock or any other ad blocker on your device, or if visitors to your site use them (which is common), then they may be blocking images on your site. This is an easily solved problem if your developer has set the correct names (titles for the images), otherwise your photos will be blocked.

Also check the site through an ad blocker (for example, AdBlock).
Be sure to double-check yourself whether applications are coming from the site, and whether payment is going through.

To check applications, simply leave a test application on the site, as a user would do. To check payment, you can put up a test product for 1 ruble, for example, and also make a payment and test it in action.
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